Marigold Fabric

Hey everyone!  I’m so excited to be this month’s leader for Project #SewMyStyle2018.  This month’s garment is the Marigold Jumpsuit and Trouser from Tilly & the Buttons.  I’m really excited to get into this one!  Today I’m sharing some Marigold fabric recommendations for you, in case you haven’t purchased yours yet.  Tomorrow, we’re talking styling

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Sueded Rayon Kalle Shirtdress

Hi friends, and welcome to the end of another month of Project #SewMyStyle2018! This month we worked on one of my all-time favorite patterns, the Closet Case Patterns Kalle Shirtdress.  I’ve made a lot of these in the past, but I was so excited to make some more.  I find myself reaching for them often,

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Curious about height adjustments for the Kalle Shirtdress? I got you covered! >>

Lengthened Kalle Shirtdress

By now it’s not a shocker that I luuuuuurve the Kalle shirtdress.  Like, totally love.  The fact that I had two separate Kalles in my blog backlog that I could post this month is evidence enough!  I really feel like today’s Kalles return to their roots, though.  It’s because they’re directly inspired by the OG

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Kalle Tunic + Rifle Paper Co = True Love >>

Kalle Tunic in Rifle Paper Co Fabric

Kalle tunic + Rifle Paper Co. = true love.  There’s just no way around it, is there?  A perfect popover tunic pattern.  An amazing cotton tapestry print.  It really doesn’t get any better.  In honor of this month’s Project #SewMyStyle2018, I’m sharing this Closet Case Patterns Kalle tunic that’s been sitting on my to-blog list

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The Estelle Ponte Jacket is easy, chic, and perfect for transitional weather! Check out my blog post here >>

My Final Estelle

One thing I love about Project #SewMyStyle2018 is reveal day!  Even though I follow your progress throughout the month (by following #sewmystyle2018 on Instagram and scrolling through our Facebook group), it’s still so fun to have a big reveal with everyone else.  This month you’ve already gotten a pretty good view of my Estelle Ponte

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Ready to start your Estelle Ponte Jacket but feeling confused by the Style Arc directions? I have an Estelle Jacket sewalong for you! >>

Estelle Jacket Sewalong

Hi friends!  I’m really excited to be hosting a little Estelle Jacket sewalong, one of this month’s Project #SewMyStyle options and my first sewalong!  I loved making this jacket, and it’s super easy.  Knits are often recommended for beginners, and honestly I disagree, which I mentioned in my Sunny post.  The Estelle, however, is the

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The Sunny Dress >>

The Sunny Dress

Wait, January has come to an end already?!  This month just flew by, you guys.  I say that so much, though, are you tired of it?  Excitingly, the end of the month also means the unveiling of my Project #SewMyStyle2018 make!  January’s garment was the Sunny Dress from Friday Pattern Co., and it’s actually a

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Yona Wrap Coat >>

The Best Damn Yona Wrap Coat.

Y’all. The Yona. Look, Project #SewMyStyle has had some hits and some misses for me.  But let me tell you: the Yona lands soundly in the hit category.  Remember when I said this could be my perfect blazer pattern?  And that I had a plan for it that I loved?  Well it alllllll worked out,

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Eight Variations on the Yona Wrap Coat

The Yona is definitely one of the garments that sold me on Project #SewMyStyle.  I’m a total sucker for menswear inspired coats.  I spent most of last November and December on a hunt for a longer version of this coat that would be long enough for me!  When I saw this pattern was included in

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