My Fall Sewing Plans

Normally my first post in a new month is about what I’d like to sew that month.  But since I have a couple long-term projects going on this month and I haven’t exactly been sticking to my list anyways, I figured I’d give myself a little leeway and think seasonally!  I love seasons, but fall might

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Four Things I’m Sewing in August

August is here, and so is my move to St. Louis!  I’m so excited to be starting something new, and I can’t wait to explore my new city.  Since I had to move on such short notice, some of my July sewing has fallen to the wayside.  I’m hoping to knock that out this month,

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Valley Blouse >>

The Valley Blouse & a Dutch Label Shop Discount Code

Another month, another garment for Project #SewMyStyle.  As much as these have been hit-or-miss makes for me, I always love seeing how other people interpret the month’s challenge, and seeing how I can make it my own as well.  I was a little nervous about the Valley Blouse since my last Cali Faye Collection make didn’t

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Six Fun Things to Try on a Valley Blouse

Like I said in my July to-sew list, I’m really excited about this month’s Project #SewMyStyle garment.  The Valley Blouse looks super cute, and was actually something I was interested in sewing before this whole shindig began!  So I’m happy that this one finally came around.  Really, I love Sarah’s example photos, with that cute

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July Sewing >>

Five Things I’m Making in July

Okay, I know I say this, like, every month, but I cannot believe it is July.  I remember being four or five years old and feeling like time moved sooooooo slowly, and it really just gets crazy faster as you’re an adult.  But at the same time, it feels like ages ago that we made

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Briar Tee >>

#SewMyStyle June: The Briar Tee

You guys.  June is done.  How did that happen????  This month flew by, especially as I was traveling a bit for job interviews and went to my first ever professional conference!  I also had a ton of fun working on my sewing projects this month, particularly this month’s Project #SewMyStyle garment.  Y’all, I am in

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Briar Tee Inspiration >>

Six Awesome Ways to Customize your Briar Tee

Hi everyone!  I’m back with another inspiration post for this month’s Project #SewMyStyle garment.  In June, we’re making the Briar Tee and Sweater by Megan Nielsen.  This looks like such an awesome basic pattern, and I love how many options there are for it!  I know our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are welcoming winter

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June To-Sew List >>

Things I’m Making in June

I wrote myself a pretty hefty to-make list in May.  I accomplished a fair deal of it!  I wrote a whole post about my Lous, whipped out a bunch of Ogdens, finished a pocket skirt, and made a TON of bias tape.  But I didn’t hit either pajama pattern I wanted to do.  I lost some

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Pocket Skirt >>

The Pocket Skirt

I feel like I say this every month, but seriously: where did May go?!  I can hardly believe that it’s already time to share our May makes for Project #SewMyStyle!  It seems like I was just sharing awesome ways to customize your Cali Faye Pocket Skirt, and now here I am sharing my completed garment.

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