The Value of Blog Comments

What’s the thing you hear most about blog comments?  Probably to not read them, right?  And while that can be very true for some things (divisive news articles, lookin’ at you…), you want to create the opposite effect on your own blog!  There are two types of blogs I always read comments on: recipe blogs and sewing

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Today on Sewing Blogger 101: The Beginner's Guide to Copyright! >>

A Blogger’s Intro to Copyright

I like to think that I know a little more about copyright than your average bear.  One reason for that is because bears aren’t governed by the laws of man, and they’re therefore unconcerned with things as silly as intellectual property.  The other reason is because copyright influences both my day job and this blog. 

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All you need to know about branding your sewing blog! >>

The Best of Branding

Branding.  ~Branding.~  It sounds really fancy, doesn’t it?  Like it conjures up images of someone famous who has their life together, sitting by a pool posting perfect images.  Or maybe that’s just me reeeeaaaaally wishing to be done with winter!  Well regardless — branding is an integral part of your social media presence.  It’s also

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I'm talking all things hosting and platforms today in #SewingBlogger101! >>

Take the Plunge: Starting a Blog

I decided to start a blog about seven months after I made my Instagram.  This was a purposeful delay.  First, it gave me enough time to realize I could commit to blogging regularly, since I was already committing to making new things for Instagram.  Second, it helped me create a ready audience for my posts.  I

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Estelle Ponte Jacket styling inspiration >>

Fabric and Styling for the Estelle Ponte Jacket

I’m definitely still riding a high from some amazing weather last month.  Give a girl a couple of days in the 60s and she’ll want to plan an entire spring wardrobe!  And one thing I really cannot resist is a good coat.  I wore my original Kelly basically every day last spring, and I’m excited

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Instagram is one of the most important tools for growing your creative business, whether that's sewing, knitting, embroidery, and more! Check out my giant list of over 120 hashtags sure to drive traffic to your posts! >>

The Best Hashtags for Sewing Instagrams

Did you know the average Instagram account gets 4% engagement on their posts?  Sit with that for a moment.  Four percent.  Four.  Percent.  That’s… not a lot.  Now, go to your latest Instagram post (and if you don’t have one, you can borrow my latest post for this!).  Divide the likes on the photo by

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Interested in seeing real Instagram growth from real Instagram followers? I have six easy tips for you! >>

Six Tips for Organic Instagram Growth

Hi everyone!  Welcome to the next installment of my Sewing Blog 101 series: how to see organic Instagram growth. Getting Instagram followers seems like a mystery endeavor, doesn’t it?  You look at some people’s feed and you think, “Dang!  I feel like I’m doing all the same things that they are.  Why don’t I have

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New to Instagram? I have the basics of photo editing covered for you in my Sewing Blogger 101 series! >>

Tips and Tricks to Edit Instagram Photos

Hey y’all!  Welcome to the second installment of Sewing Blog 101 — the easy photo editing edition!  Now that you have a sewing Instagram, you have to post some gorgeous photos.  The quest to easily edit photos is kind of elusive.  I’ll be 100% honest (as I always am) and tell you I’m still figuring

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The first post in my Sewing Blogger 101 series is here! Today we're talking tips for sewing Instagrams and getting established. >>

Start Simply: Make A Sewing Instagram

I was first introduced to the sewing community on Instagram when I wanted to find finished examples of patterns I was interested in making.  Smaller pattern companies often have lots of great examples of their garments in their feed.  Many also include hashtags you can use to search Instagram for photos as well.  I figured

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