The Ali Sweatshirt >>

The Ali Sweatshirt

It seems a little crazy to be posting a sweatshirt right now.  Even though we’re over halfway through September (oh my god, how are we halfway through September), it’s still 95° F/35° C here in St. Louis.  Admittedly, that’s out of character for this time of the year, but even last year at this time

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My DIY Lace Front Halifax Hoodie >>

My Halifax Hoodie Hack

We’re officially 67% of the way through Project #SewMyStyle.  How weird is that?  I swear this year is just flying by.  I’m incredibly excited for all the projects we still having coming and I can’t wait to get started on them.  First, though, we have to chat about August’s garment!  I’m super in love with

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Nine Halifax Hoodie Hacks

Okay remember last week when I said I’d finally have time to catch up on about a million posts and emails? Well, Mercury in retrograde has hit me hard and basically every electronic I own has taken turns being on the fritz. If I owe you an email… I will do my best to get

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