Perfect Fall Plaid

There are a few things that just scream “fall” to me: pumpkin bread, apple cider, and of course plaid flannel.  After a hot, hot, HOT summer in St. Louis, I’ve been so excited to dig out my fall clothes and jackets! Cozy flannel is one of my favorite things to wear in fall, but I’ve

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I can’t believe I’m headed to Italy in a week and a half! Of course, I needed the perfect wardrobe, and it was JOANN to the rescue. #sponsored Head over to the blog today to read all about my capsule wardrobe for beautiful Tuscany! #handmadewithjoann

A Capsule Wardrobe for Italy

For a year and a half in grad school, I cataloged my university’s art collection.  The school was one of the first colleges to have a study abroad experience, and for years had a program in Florence, Italy.  Seeing all the beautiful pieces of art in the university’s collection that showed Florence or the area

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My Myosotis Dress Hack >>

My Myosotis Dress Hack

It feels very appropriate to close out Me-Made May 2018 with my project for this month’s #SewMyStyle2018!  There was lots of mystery surrounding May’s pattern, since it’s a brand new release from Deer and Doe.  Although we got off to a later-than-usual start, you guys made so many gorgeous Myosotis dresses this month!  Today I’m

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A Striped Jeanne Tee from Ready to Sew >>

My Stripey Jeanne Tee

Hello from New Orleans!  I’m down here all this week for work, getting ready to relocate an archival collection from here to St. Louis.  It’s amazing down here — I’m staying basically next door to Audubon Park and in a beautiful old house.  I’ve spent my evenings reading a book on the front porch and

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Stockholm Blouse >>

A Blue Floral Stockholm Blouse

Last week I posted on Instagram that I was in a blouse rut.  After many month of wearing jeans to work as I unpacked dusty boxes and yank rusty staples out of documents, it’s time to transition back into business casual.  I have a few pairs of pants that I rotate through, but I often

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My Perfect White Jeanne Tee Shirt >>

A Perfect White Jeanne Tee Shirt

Sewing the perfect tee shirt is hard, isn’t it?  I can find tee shirts I love very easily in stores — Gap and Target’s v-necks have long been a staple in my wardrobe.  But when it comes to making them, I’ve been at a loss for a long time.  It’s a mix of not being

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Kalle Tunic + Rifle Paper Co = True Love >>

Kalle Tunic in Rifle Paper Co Fabric

Kalle tunic + Rifle Paper Co. = true love.  There’s just no way around it, is there?  A perfect popover tunic pattern.  An amazing cotton tapestry print.  It really doesn’t get any better.  In honor of this month’s Project #SewMyStyle2018, I’m sharing this Closet Case Patterns Kalle tunic that’s been sitting on my to-blog list

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I recreated one of Pinterest's most popular holiday outfits -- and it was so easy! Learn all about how you can do it too in this post >>

Countdown to New Year’s Eve Style with JOANN

I’m not a huge birthday fan.  I know it’s surprising for a blogger who takes photos of herself constantly, but I really don’t like being the center of attention!  My birthday is the day before New Year’s Eve, and it’s always worked out well.  If people want to have a party for me, I tell

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those chic dolman top blouses with gathered sleeves are so easy to do yourself! check out my DIY tutorial to make this easy blouse in one afternoon. >>

DIY Gathered Sleeve Dolman Blouse

There may be a more technical term for this make, but I see gathered sleeve dolman blouses everywhere this winter.  Can you call it a bishop sleeve if it’s gathered and attached to a dolman shoulder?  Who knows.  Not me, obviously.  Regardless of what it’s called, I wanted one!  And I didn’t want to buy it,

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