Need to find a book for someone on your gift list this holiday season? I have a suggestion for everyone! >>

Books for Everyone On Your List

Excuse this departure from your regularly scheduled sewing programming — but after all, I’m a librarian!  The holiday season is the perfect time to gift books: who doesn’t want to curl up with a good read in front of a roaring fire after a good dinner?  But sometimes, choosing the perfect book is harder than

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Need a craft to make a long car trip (or family reunion) manageable? Check out this post for tons of suggestions!

Traveling Crafts

‘Tis the season to be traveling! If you can’t bring your sewing machine along with you to wherever you’re going (🙋🏼), today I’m sharing a bunch of handheld crafts you can take anywhere!  Now is a great time to get small crafts going so that you don’t have to rush closer to the holidays, or

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DIY Mermaid Costume >>

DIY Mermaid Costume

When the folks at JOANN emailed me to see if I’d like to work with them on a Halloween project, I literally screamed.  JOANN was the first place I shopped when I started to sew, all the way back in college.  Their aisles of fabric (and coupon deals) have always been there for me.  So

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Helmi Shirt for #SYHOS17

Hey there!  In case you missed it, my second post for Sew Your Hart Out September went up yesterday!  Hop over there to learn all about my Named Patterns Helmi Shirt in a fab Rifle Paper Co. cotton lawn. Maddie’s Metallic Helmi Shirt

Big News!

Hey everybody!  This is just a quick life update post that was a little too long for Instagram.  Blog form it is! A lot of you know I graduated from my masters programs this spring, and I’ve been on the hunt for a job.  Well, good news — the hunt is over! I’ll be moving

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Instagram Birthday Giveaway! >>

Happy Instagram Birthday to Me!

You guys.  One year ago today, I posted my first ever photo on Instagram.  I had just moved my sewing machine from my bedroom down to a corner of my parents’ basement.  My fabric was getting stacked up on the shelves next to decades of Playmobil toys.  And I really, really wanted to participate in

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The Seamstress Tag

Hey everyone!  Last week, Jenny from Ms. Jenny Homemaker tagged me in The Seamstress Tag on Instagram.  Hollie from Hollie Sews started this, and I’ve always dreamed of being cool enough to be tagged in it.  After recovering from being flattered that Jenny thought of me, I realized it was a great way to introduce myself on this

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Welcome to my blog, you guys!  This is kind of just a placeholder post because I was getting annoyed by the “Nothing Found” on the front page. “Make self happier and healthier” has been #1 on my New Year’s Resolution list for like, four years now.  And hey, every year

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