Beginner's Guide to Hand Embroidery >>

Beginner Hand Embroidery: Tools and Prep

Happy Thursday, folks!  I got so much love throughout the process of embroidering my Easter dress — thank you!  A lot of you have asked me how I learned embroidery.  I really can’t say I ~learned~ it.  I’ve kind of been making things up as I go along.  But so far, I haven’t made anything,

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Hand-Embroidered Easter Dress >>

Hand-Embroidered Easter Dress

This Easter dress was a cool one for me to do, because I feel like I’ve come full circle. My Easter outfit last year was probably one of the last things I sewed for myself before taking the plunge and making my Instagram. At this time last year, I had no idea what an awesome

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Carolyn Pajamas >>

Mom and Me Carolyn Pajamas

My mom is hard to shop for.  She really never wants anything for Christmas or her birthday, both of which are in December to complicate things even further.  Never anything but pajamas, really.  She’s also tall (although not as tall as me!) and often struggles to find her favorite kind of jammies in a pant

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Seven Ways to Personalize Your Bridgetown Dress

It must be springtime in the northern hemisphere — this month’s Project #SewMyStyle challenge is the Bridgetown Backless Dress from Sew House Seven!  Sorry Australian friends, you’re headed into winter… The Bridgetown is such a fun project for the summer.  It’s the kind of dress I’d throw into a bag to take to the beach,

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The Orla Dress >>

My April To-Sew List

I’m pretty excited to be putting together my April to-sew list.  March and April can be two of my favorite months of the year, especially when they actually bring spring.  You know, like they’re supposed to.  Sometimes in Chicago, it feels like spring doesn’t even come until the middle of May.  We lucked out this

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Five-Step DIY Moto Patches for Your Clothes

Okay, I admit it.  I’m not a super tough looking person.  I might have some resting bitch face going on, but I’m definitely no scary-looking biker chick.  (Not that all biker chicks are scary, of course!)  But all the same, I love moto accents on clothing.  I’m a sucker for leather jackets and I’ve always

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Chi-Town Chinos >>

The Quest for Perfect Pants

A good pair of pants has been on my to-make list for, like, ever.  As a tall person (5′ 11″ and a 36″ inseam for all my #sewingtall folks out there, because I think you’ll find it relevant for this post), pants are hard, y’all.  So it’s really about time that I made a pair of

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