Five-Step DIY Moto Patches for Your Clothes

Okay, I admit it.  I’m not a super tough looking person.  I might have some resting bitch face going on, but I’m definitely no scary-looking biker chick.  (Not that all biker chicks are scary, of course!)  But all the same, I love moto accents on clothing.  I’m a sucker for leather jackets and I’ve always

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Chi-Town Chinos >>

The Quest for Perfect Pants

A good pair of pants has been on my to-make list for, like, ever.  As a tall person (5′ 11″ and a 36″ inseam for all my #sewingtall folks out there, because I think you’ll find it relevant for this post), pants are hard, y’all.  So it’s really about time that I made a pair of

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Kelly Anorak >>

At Long Last: The Kelly Anorak

I have finally, finally finished my Kelly Anorak.  This has been a journey, folks.  I literally started this pattern as soon as I physically could in October.  I was so super excited when it was released, just like basically everyone else (and for good reason!).  Maybe three days before, I had just been admiring a

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Simplicity 8014 >>

A Date Night Dress

Have you guys ever worked on a project that makes you feel like you’re hitting an obstacle at every turn?  Because I felt like that when I made the dress I’m filling you guys in on today.  Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the end result!  But the process… the process was long.  Today,

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Saunio Cardigan >>

It’s Saunio Time!

Another month, another completed Project #SewMyStyle!  If you’re just tuning in, Project #SewMyStyle is hosted by Alex of Bluebird Fabrics.  Each month, participants sew a different garment, and we all share our makes on the last Sunday of the month. This month’s make was the Saunio Cardigan from Named Clothing.  You might remember that earlier

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Moneta Dress >>

Moneta Party!

Okay, remember when I said I wasn’t a huge knit dress fan?  Yeah.  I think I changed my mind.  Thank youuuuu, Moneta dress.  So what triggered this amazing transformation?   Let’s talk deets. Cutting the Moneta Dress Honestly, the #1 factor in my love for my Moneta may be the fabric.  Once upon a time,

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Valentine's Day Cards >>

Sew in Love With You!

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!  I know that this day can get a bad rap from people, but I totally love it.  It’s a day to give cheesy cards and lots of candy to the special people in your life.  Unfortunately, I can’t give cards and candy to all of you — but I do have

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