#SewMyStyle2019 FAQs

Your burning questions answered here!  Still looking for an answer on something?  Shoot me an email at hello @ maddiemadethis.com with “SMS2019 Question” in the subject line.  This is a living post, and as of Fall 2018 I’m posting and answering questions as fast as I can.

#SewMyStyle2019 FAQs

Mailing list, Discount Codes, and Patterns

  • I was on the #SewMyStyle2018 mailing list.  Do I need to sign up to the 2019 list?  Not at this time!  I’ll let you know if that changes.
  • Where can I sign up to the 2019 mailing list?  There’s a box to the signup on the main #SewMyStyle2019 page!
  • How are discount codes distributed?  Through the email list, so you want to be sure you’re on it!
  • How long are discount codes live for?  Still being worked out, but my goal is to have any fabric discounts live for the month the store is sponsoring, and pattern discount live for the month before and the month of its being featured.
  • Why didn’t I get the discount code email?  1 – Did you sign up before 19:00 in St. Louis, Missouri, on the 22nd of the month?  If not, sorry, but you’ll get the next month’s discount code!  2 – Did you check your spam folder?  If the answer to both of those is yes, shoot me an email at hello @ maddiemadethis.com with “SMS19 Mailing List Issue” in your subject line and let’s try to figure it out!
  • Why am I making a cold weather garment in the summer or vice versa?  Seasons are flipped between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, a thing I knew before #SewMyStyle but didn’t ever really think about.  It’s hard to choose patterns that work for both hemispheres at the same time!  We’re hopeful that we have achieved a decent balance and that you will be understanding if something doesn’t quite fit the season you’re in.
  • Why does this pattern only come in a PDF?  I hate PDF patterns!  Sorry!  Since participants are all over the world, all of our patterns must come in PDF to ensure instant access.  Some patterns may have paper options.
  • I don’t want to print my PDF pattern at home.  What can I do?  Look into large format printing!  I can recommend pdfplotting.com in the US.  Your local copy shop/package shop might also be able to print for you.

Posts by Leaders

  • How can I be sure to see every post a leader makes?  Your best bet is to follow them on Instagram and sign up for notifications on their blog/vlog.  That’s different for every host, but look for a place to sign up for email notifications.  Leaders will promote their posts on Instagram and in the Facebook group, so give them a follow there!  Finally, I will send a mid-month and end of the month roundup of the posts through the mailing list, and compile a listing of the posts here on my blog.  I will NOT email everyone with every post as they are published — so you may have to do some searching.
  • Will there be a sewalong for X pattern?  I can’t guarantee it.  I’ve tried to pick some patterns that have sewalongs, leaders are encouraged to do sewalongs for ones that don’t have them, and I may host one or two along the way myself.  But sewalongs are a lot of work, so I won’t commit myself or the leaders to doing one for every pattern.

Submissions and Prizes

  • Where can I submit my finished make?  Upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #SewMyStyle2019, or upload it to the album in our Facebook group (forthcoming).
  • Is there an option for people without Facebook or Instagram?  No, unfortunately — I don’t have time to moderate another space.
  • Do I have to do anything cool in my photo to win?  Nope, winners are selected randomly.  If you’re looking for tips on taking photos of you or someone else in your finished project, I’ve got a blog post on taking outfit photos.
  • Do I have to make the garment for myself to be eligible for a prize?  Nope!
  • Do I have to make the garment in its pattern’s month?  Kinda.  In the past, participants received the discount code about a week before the month in which the pattern was featured.  We’re planning to send out discount codes two months ahead of time (e.g., you would receive a code at the end of January for March’s patterns).  So technically, you have two months to make your garment!  It must be specifically made for #SewMyStyle2019 to be eligible for prizes, so you can’t win a month with a version you made in 2016, posted in March when its month is October, et cetera.  But nothing’s stopping you from starting your project as soon as that discount code hits your inbox, even if it’s still two months ahead of time.
  • When do I need to post by?  We will select a winner for our in-progress prize on the 15th of every month.  Our reveal day is the last Sunday of every month.  You must post by midnight in your time zone to be eligible for that month’s grand prize, which will be announced one to two days after reveal day.
  • Wait, reveal day is the last Sunday of the month?  That’s weird.  It is the last Sunday!  An informal poll told me that more people prefer the last Sunday as opposed to the last actual day of the month as they have more time to sew and post on a weekend.  I know that there were people on either side with strong opinions on what we should do.  We’re going to keep our reveal day as the last Sunday of the month this year.
  • Hey!  There’s posts in the #SewMyStyle2019 hashtag on Instagram that aren’t people participating in the challenge!  Yeah, I know.  It’s a popular hashtag (yay!), which means that people either find it without knowing the backstory and use it, or just don’t care and use it.  There’s not a lot we can do about it, but clearly those people aren’t winning prizes or anything.