#SewMyStyle2019 Leaders

There’s a lot that goes into coordinating #SewMyStyle2019.  Talking to pattern designers, reaching out to fabric sponsors, reading lots of feedback… all good stuff!  Just a lot.  But one of the most exciting things I’ve gotten to do is to select the #SewMyStyle2019 leaders.  I am so thrilled to introduce you today to THIRTEEN (yes, thirteen!  We’ve got a duo in there!) amazing women who will be joining me as the #SewMyStyle2019 leaders.

I’m incredibly excited to work with these folks for the next year.  There were tons of absolutely wonderful applicants, and it was an incredibly difficult decision.  Thank you so much to everyone who applied and made my life very difficult for a few days!  And so without further ado, your #SewMyStyle2019 leaders (in alphabetical order by first name).  There’s a short bio for each one, plus links to their website and social media.  Give them a follow to ensure you see every post!

The #SewMyStyle2019 Leaders


Hi everyone! I’m Claire MacPherson, otherwise known as Belle Citadel in the land of Instagram and blogging! I wanted to be a detective when I was around 10 and a novelist a while after that, so it’s super exciting to have achieved the acquisition of a pseudonym, heh. I’ve been sewing for just about three years now and immediately fell in love with the craft – I’ve sewn a lot the last few years! I love to sew a mixture of items – mostly for myself, but some for my husband and the occasional garment for my toddler too. I like to experiment with both knits and wovens, independent and Big 4 patterns – and lots of different styles. Basically, I’m a dabbler…

One huge aspect of sewing that I love is the fantastic sewing community, both online and in real life. It’s led me to organize Seattle Frocktails, various local meetups and also take part in community challenges such as #sewmystyle (I’ve joined in both years). Challenges aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but, personally, I love seeing what people are working on and how different everyone’s versions of a pattern are, plus they’re so laid-back and friendly. I enjoy the camaraderie, connecting with other sewists and am really excited to be involved in organizing this year’s #sewmystyle. I can’t wait to see what we’re going to be working on!

( Claire’s website / Instagram / Twitter )


Hi ! My name is Eowyn, I am in my late twenties, I live in the south of France and I have been a sewing addict for the past four years. I have always liked doing crafty stuff, and with sewing, I found a craft that enables me to make something “useful”  (I used to make jewellery but a girl can only have so many pairs of earrings (but weirdly, I do not think that there is such a thing as too many dresses… !) )! I also fell into sewing at a time in my life when I was getting my soul drained studying hard for exams, and it was a breath of fresh air to be able to create something tangible out of almost nothing, using my own two hands. I learned to sew through blogs, indie patterns and youtube videos (#forevergrateful), but I have my mum to thank for for showing me how to use a sewing machine and for helping me sew my first handmade garment, step by step (a perfecto jacket in cotton, terrible fabric choice!!)

So far, I feel I have followed the “classic” sewing journey : first, getting super excited by all the endless possibilities, buying too much (cheap) fabric and being overly proud of clothes I had made even though I would now find them horrible ! Then, I improved my technique and learned to take the time to get a nicer finish, all the while figuring out what I really like to wear and what actually suits me. And now, I am trying to juggle between “frosting” and “cake”, because as much as it is my goal to have an entirely handmade wardrobe for my day to day life (i.e. more basics) , sewing is my hobby and I want it to stay fun and creative!

Also, one thing you should now about me is that I love hacking patterns, so get ready for me to share ideas for lots of simple hacks for the upcoming Sew My Style 2019 patterns!

I sent out my application to be one of the new leaders in a spur-of-the-moment kind of decision, but now I am very excited to be part of the team for next year, and I hope you will find Sew My Style as fulfilling as the previous years, and I am looking forward to e-meet some new sewists ! Because sewing wouldn’t be half as good without the amazing online sewing community <3

( Eowyn’s website / Instagram / Facebook )


Jess Zimmerman (#SewMyStyle2019 Leaders) >> MaddieMadeThis.comJess is a modern wife and mom who has been sewing most of her life. She teaches sewing classes and creative workshops throughout Dallas/Fort Worth, blogs about sewing, things to do in Dallas/Fort Worth, and places and things she and her family love, and has a small Etsy shop. She loves bright colors, coffee, wine, cupcakes, and listening to murder mystery podcasts.

( Jess’s websiteInstagram / Facebook / TwitterEtsy )


Meg Fleshman is the maker and blogger behind MEGMADE Sewing. She learned how to sew from her mom as a kid and has now been at a sewing machine for over 20 years. Meg’s introduction to the modern sewing world and online community of sewists began in 2016 when she was on bedrest with her second pregnancy and challenged herself to sew her daughter’s newborn wardrobe. Now she loves to sew outerwear and detailed oriented pieces like button ups and jeans, but can’t resist making tiny clothes for her three kids too. One of her favorite designers to sew from is Chalk & Notch and she loves to work with rayon challis. Meg currently lives in the Washington, DC area.

( Meg’s website / Instagram / Facebook )


Hey ya’ll I am Nicki, Sex Ed. teacher by day and fabric addict by night! I have been sewing for about as long as I can remember, but started sewing apparel almost exclusively in December of 2016. The first dress I ever finished was the dress I wore to my college graduation and I was instantly hooked! I started my blog, Sew Uprising, soon after that and have loved sharing my makes there and on Instagram, as well as being a part of this amazing sewing community, ever since.  When I am not sewing you can find me either posted up at a brewery or out in the woods trying to keep up with my pup, Hunter (he runs, I don’t).

( Nicki’s website / Instagram / Youtube / Twitter )


Pauline Erato (#SewMyStyle2019 Leaders) >> MaddieMadeThis.comHi! I’m Paulette Erato, the irreverent voice behind Petite Font.

After a career in managing events and corporate planning, I’ve taken my skill for herding cats and transformed it into creating beautiful things.

I also like my tea lattes brewed to warm, salty things like truffle popcorn, and sour Belgian-style beer.

I fully admit that I have no idea what I’m doing about 73% of the time, but I’m going to lead you on this awesome journey of post-40s self-discovery anyway because why not?!

I live in Los Angeles with my husband and our plant, a wild Spanish oregano that grows like a weed and could use a name…any suggestions?

( Paulette’s website / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter )


My name is Rachel A. and I’m a Canadian sewist that’s slowly building a me-made wardrobe I can’t get enough of. I would describe my sewing style as simple and feminine, filled with repeatable patterns and plenty of rayon challis. I’m looking forward to participating in #SewMyStyle2019 and challenging myself to sew some new patterns and expand my sewing comfort zone!

( Rachel’s website / Instagram / Facebook )


A familiar face from this year, Sarah is back again for #SewMyStyle2019!  She strongly believes that we all have the capacity for creativity and it is just a matter of finding the best outlet for you.

Sarah has been sewing for over 30 years and recently decided to turn her hobby into her dream job by starting her own fabric shop!

As a dressmaker, she was frustrated with the lack of good quality, affordable fabrics that were suitable for the modern sophisticated sewist so Sarah decided to fill that gap in the market by creating a carefully curated selection of apparel fabrics in her shop.

Sarah loves our crafty community and really looks forward to seeing all of your makes!

( Sarah’s website / Instagram / Facebook / YouTube / Twitter / shop )

Sew Altered Style

Katie (left, IG: @kglee01) and Mac (right, IG: @macsmakespace) launched Sew Altered Style in January 2018 after months of maybes and a 5-minute telephone call!  Mac and Katie “met” online in the Capsule Wardrobe Sew Along Facebook group, and met in real life in Kansas City when Mac visited for work in August 2017.  Over lunch, they started discussing how they could collaborate on a project that incorporated their mutual love of sewing and style. Fast forward 4 months to December 2017, when they finally put aside Facebook Messenger and picked up the phone.  Five minutes into the call, the concept for Sew Altered Style was born!  Ten minutes after that, it had a name and a blog address, and the concept was on its way to reality!

Over the course of the past year, they have built relationships with designers and sewists across the world, tested patterns, run pattern giveaways, hosted local meet-ups and hosted IG Challenges (including Maker March, Make a Muslin, and recently the Seasonal Sew 3).  They are both self-taught seamstresses, and working moms, who love to mix and match their handmades and ready-to-wear into a functional wardrobe.  Katie currently lives in Overland Park, KS with her husband and three kids, and Mac currently lives in Washington, DC with her husband and two kids.

( Sew Altered Style’s website / Instagram / Facebook )


Sierra is a 28 year old sewist originally from Richmond, VA. She recently moved to New England for a job opportunity and is excited to bring a little southern charm along with her.  During the day Sierra works as a veterinarian and really loves helping people and animals. In her free time Sierra likes to buy fabric, plan sewing projects, binge watch tv shows, and cook delicious food. Sewing is a huge part of her life and has become the creative outlet she didn’t know she needed. Sew My Style was Sierra’s first foray into sharing her makes publicly and has led to some pretty awesome connections. To her, the best part about sewing is discovering new silhouettes and colors that weren’t an option in RTW clothing. It’s really helped her style evolve and given her more confidence. She is incredibly excited about joining the team and meeting so many amazing people!

( Sierra’s website / Instagram )


Hi everyone! I’m Simone. I’m a mom of 2, geek, and sewist with a strong case of wanderlust. I learned the basics of sewing in high school and picked it up again as an adult when I started making costumes for my kids. Wanting to do more of the things I love, I ventured into the world of handmade clothing and indie designers earlier this year. It’s been a really fun year stretching myself as a sewist and seeing my handmade wardrobe grow. After discovering this amazing community, I’ll never be the same!

( Simone’s website / Instagram )


Hi, I’m Whitney. I’m a wife and mom from Indiana. I blog at tomkatstitchery.com and vlog on YouTube at Tomkat Stitchery. I’ve been a professional seamstress and owned my own custom clothing and alterations business since 2014. This summer, I decided that sewing for others was bringing more anxiety than joy so I decided to change up my business plan. I now no longer sew for clients, but am focusing my time and energy on my restarted blog and YouTube channel. I participated in #sewmystyle 2018 and had such a great and inspiring time that I can’t wait to see what 2019 is going to bring!

( Whitney’s website / Instagram / Facebook / YouTube )

So there we go, friends!  Thirteen amazing friends for the coming year.  I’m so happy and grateful to have these folks working alongside me this year.  We’re firming up plans for patterns and sponsors, so stay tuned for that later this month!  And to make sure you see every post from us, make sure you’re following everyone’s blog and Instagram.  Bonus: sign up for the newsletter to get twice-a-month updates, too (no need to sign up if you were on last year’s list!).