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Six Awesome Ways to Customize your Briar Tee

Hi everyone!  I’m back with another inspiration post for this month’s Project #SewMyStyle garment.  In June, we’re making the Briar Tee and Sweater by Megan Nielsen.  This looks like such an awesome basic pattern, and I love how many options there are for it!  I know our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are welcoming winter

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June To-Sew List >>

Things I’m Making in June

I wrote myself a pretty hefty to-make list in May.  I accomplished a fair deal of it!  I wrote a whole post about my Lous, whipped out a bunch of Ogdens, finished a pocket skirt, and made a TON of bias tape.  But I didn’t hit either pajama pattern I wanted to do.  I lost some

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Pocket Skirt >>

The Pocket Skirt

I feel like I say this every month, but seriously: where did May go?!  I can hardly believe that it’s already time to share our May makes for Project #SewMyStyle!  It seems like I was just sharing awesome ways to customize your Cali Faye Pocket Skirt, and now here I am sharing my completed garment.

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Five Easy Ways to Customize Your Pocket Skirt

Hey everyone, and welcome back to another month of Project #SewMyStyle!  After what was kind of a flop last month, I’m excited for a project I think will go super well!  As usual, I’m bringing you several ways to make your garment your own.  This month we’re working on the Pocket Skirt from Cali Faye

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Six Things on my May To-Sew List

Hey there!  Happy May!  I love May — it represents the start of summer to me.  Sometimes it’s still pretty cold through the whole month here in Chicago, but I think we’re rolling with the warm weather here.  I’m still thinking about my ideal summer wardrobe (never did get around to a wardrobe planning post

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Bridgetown Backless Dress >>

The Bridgetown Backless Dress

Hey all!  I hope your week is going super well.  This is basically my last week of classes — maybe ever!  I can’t believe that my time in grad school has gone so quickly.  I also can’t believe that it’s the end of April.  This week totally snuck up on me, especially between writing a

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Seven Ways to Personalize Your Bridgetown Dress

It must be springtime in the northern hemisphere — this month’s Project #SewMyStyle challenge is the Bridgetown Backless Dress from Sew House Seven!  Sorry Australian friends, you’re headed into winter… The Bridgetown is such a fun project for the summer.  It’s the kind of dress I’d throw into a bag to take to the beach,

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The Orla Dress >>

My April To-Sew List

I’m pretty excited to be putting together my April to-sew list.  March and April can be two of my favorite months of the year, especially when they actually bring spring.  You know, like they’re supposed to.  Sometimes in Chicago, it feels like spring doesn’t even come until the middle of May.  We lucked out this

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Five-Step DIY Moto Patches for Your Clothes

Okay, I admit it.  I’m not a super tough looking person.  I might have some resting bitch face going on, but I’m definitely no scary-looking biker chick.  (Not that all biker chicks are scary, of course!)  But all the same, I love moto accents on clothing.  I’m a sucker for leather jackets and I’ve always

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